The 4 Basic Components of a Cooling System

F-Gas Training (Blended Learning)

Blended learning is also known as hybrid learning is when traditional classroom and practical skills teaching is combined with online learning and independent study, allowing the candidate study for exam parts of the course at their own pace at home using an online learning portal to complete theory modules and attend practical sessions in the classroom. This type of learning means that time spent in the classroom or away from the workplace is greatly reduced. This module is designed to help candidates with the theory and knowledge requirements to successfully complete the 40 questions, multiple-choice online City & Guilds exam which forms part of the 2079-11 Category 1 F-Gas qualification. The theory part of the F-Gas & ODS Regulations is made up of a number of modules. Each module is set up separately with an end of module quiz to show your understanding of the module. Once all modules have been viewed and all end of the module quizzes have been completed a full 40 question exam is presented to you based upon the individual module quizzes that have already been completed. A pass mark of 80% required to successfully pass the quiz. Once you are happy with your pass mark’s of 80% or more, you will be asked to attend the ACR Training Center to take your official City & Guilds Evolve based multiple choice exam.